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PSP and CBD Foundation is a tax deductible nonprofit public charity. Donations are critical to research efforts for Progressive-supranuclear Palsy and Corticobasal Degeneration. Our nonprofit assists with funding research that specializes in finding treatments and a cure for PSP and CBD. We also help provide assistance and supplies to those with PSP and CBD. People Supporting People Cures Brain Diseases™ Help us fight back against the neurodegenerative diseases PSP and CBD and donate today!

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Help PSP & CBD Foundation, Inc. raise awareness by providing a fundraiser in your locality. After all, People Supporting People Cures Brain Diseases™! Contact us for support for your fundraiser while you support others struggling with PSP and CBD at

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There are many ways to raise funds for our mission, we encourage you to share your ideas of how you would like to help raise funds and/or provide outreach for PSP and CBD research!


Funding starts with Awareness!!! Public awareness provides earlier diagnoses for those struggling to understand their symptoms! Many people with PSP and CBD are misdiagnosed or undiagnosed prior to correct diagnosis leaving them with less time to plan and make arrangements for what is to come.

PSP & CBD Foundation strives to promote awareness to the general public worldwide so no family battling these neurodegenerative diseases need to. Share our website with your friends and family! Educate others on PSP & CBD Foundation, Inc. The more people that know about these neurodegenerative diseases and our mission, the better!

Contact PSP and CBD Foundation today at to ask what YOU can do to improve awareness in your locality!

See the Governor’s information page on PSP awareness month

Request a State Proclamation: State Contacts, Directions, and Examples

Please Contact us as should you need assistance.


We can always use volunteers and appreciate your support!! If you are interested in People Supporting People Cures Brain Diseases™ please contact our nonprofit at to sign up as a volunteer for PSP & CBD Foundation, Inc.

Phone: 540-425-0467

Your contribution makes a huge difference in the lives of many!