Our Story

PSP & CBD Foundation, Inc. is a 501©3 non-profit that assists with funding for research toward a cure and other social programs for the betterment of people suffering with the neurodegenerative diseases Progressive-Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) & Corticobasal Degeneration (CBD). We are based in Bedford, VA.

George Hlinko


George is a retired General Contractor and beloved member of the Bedford Community, who struggled for 9 years with the neurodegenerative diseases Progressive Supra-nuclear Palsy and Corticobasal Degeneration. He continued to educate others on these rare brain diseases and highlighted their individual symptoms and care until he passed peacefully in his home April 2019, at the young age of 68 years old. George knew the desperate need for awareness of these neurodegenerative dieases and the outcry from fellow warriors needing support. George was undiagnosed until year 5 after inital symptoms arose, with a 6-8 year prognosis. He founded this nonprofit before death in order to further awareness and research into PSP and CBD, as well as help support others and their family who struggle with these neurodegenerative diseases.George donated his brain to the Brain Bank at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Florida to further research efforts with PSP and CBD and support the community for over 20 years to come!

Dayna Hlinko, M.C.D., SLP

President, Co-Founder

Dayna is a licensed Speech-language Pathologist experienced in providing individualized speech, language, cognitive, and swallowing therapy to individuals with neurological disorders and diseases. She provided individualized care to her father George Hlinko throughout his struggle with PSP and CBD. Dayna has founded this nonprofit to increase PSP and CBD Awareness in the medical community and general public, fund research efforts for these brain diseases, and provide support to those who struggle with PSP and CBD.

John Bratton

Regional Vice President, Co-Founder

John is a Structural Welder in Newport News, VA. He founded the PSP and CBD Foundation to promote awareness for further funding for research and to support those with PSP and CBD.

Debra Hlinko

Vice President, Co-Founder

Debra is a special education paraprofessional in Bedford, VA. Her husband, George Hlinko, fought courageouosly against PSP and CBD. She cared for him in their home till he passed on April 2019. She founded the nonprofit to improve awareness of PSP and CBD to increase research efforts for treatments and cures, as well as support those and their caregivers who battle daily with PSP and CBD.

Amy Clatterbaugh

Secretary, Co-Founder

Amy is a loan officer with Loan Depot. Amy founded the PSP and CBD Foundation, Inc. to support those who struggle with PSP and CBD and to increase awareness of these neurodegenerative diseases to improve research funding for treatments and a cure.

Lindsey Morris

Treasurer, Co-Founder

Lindsey is a nursing student in Lynchburg, VA. She is experienced in providing and training attendants in individualized in-home care for those with PSP & CBD throughout their progression, as well as providing advocation and education to medical professionals about PSP & CBD. Lindsey founded the PSP and CBD Foundation to promote awareness of these two neurodegenerative diseases to improve funding for research and to support those struggling with PSP and CBD.

Contact Us: info@pspcbdfoundation.org

Phone: 757-896-3980


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